Tiny Homes for Sale – An Option That Can Provide More Financial Freedom

Freedom Series:

Our Freedom Series are homes on wheels and are currently an 8ft X 20ft footprint. Custom homes can be built in footprints up to 14ft X 32ft.





American Tiny House will be happy to build from your plans or ours.

American Tiny House has many models to choose from. Each one of these plans will help you live in a self sufficient manner without reliance on public utilities, while still giving you the comfort and features you need to be happy to come home to your tiny house. We would also be happy to help you create your own customized plan or take one of ours and make the necessary changes you desire while still ensuring the safety, mobility, and quality of your home.

These self sufficient/off the grid options include:

  • Self Composting Toilets
  • Propane Tank (Standard Feature)
  • 1+ Batteries (1 is a Standard Feature)
  • Grey Water Tank


American Tiny House offers a series of sustainable homes that have a tiny ecological foot print, low maintenance, highest energy efficiency, exceptional durability, ease of operation, extreme comfort, all in an eye catching attractive design known as the Freedom Series.

We named these homes the Freedom Series (tiny house on wheels) for their versatility to be transported anywhere at anytime. subsequently this home series has the ability to be highly portable. Freedom Series homes are built on heavy duty tandem trailers that are custom designed and engineered for a tiny house on wheels application.

This series style of home can be hitched to a compatible truck and has the freedom to be moved to any desired location you choose. Also this series has the flexibility to be utilized as a stationary structure. Either way you posses the freedom to choose what tiny house lifestyle is best for you.

American Tiny House Freedom Series can be utilized as a full time home, vacation retreat, oilfield housing, apartment or rental property, hunting cabin or job site office. This unique series also provides the freedom to lower utilities, taxes, insurance, maintenance and mortgage cost. There are also major health benefits to living in a Freedom Series home. Freedom from toxic chemicals and pollutants, HFC, HCFC, formaldehyde, and asbestos which are commonly found in many building materials.

Wow! Free Delivery when you purchase a Freedom Series home from American Tiny House, only applicable to the lower 48 states.

It would also be our privilege to alter one of our floor plans to fit your specific needs.

Tiny House Shells

     House shells are also available for those who would like to design and finish the interior on their your own. House shells includes trailer, floor, walls, standing seam metal roof, double pane vinyl windows, exterior door, sheathing/vapor barrier, and western red cedar siding. They are delivered to your door fully constructed.


     If you want to live in a home that is not going to tie you down with years of mortgage debt, then these tiny houses are what you should be aiming for. You can find these type of tiny homes for sale all across America and are such a great option for those who don’t mind living in a more compact space. Homes that are tiny in nature are going to provide you with very cozy quarters. This means you are going to feel really comfortable in your home and you will not have to walk too far in order to get from point A to point B, perfect for couples without multiple children, single people, or just as a guest house on your property.

     For younger people, tiny houses offer them even more advantages. You can find tiny homes for sale right now that are far more affordable than a standard-size home might be. What does this mean? It means you would not have to anchor yourself down with a lot of mortgage debt. It means you can buy any of the tiny houses for sale right now as the perfect starter home. In some cases you might be able to buy a smaller home outright and have no mortgage at all. Keeping your expenses low now, means you can save up quickly for the things that matter most to you (ie. travel, family, retirement). For those who are already retired, it makes it possible to live comfortably and still have money to do all the fun stuff you want to do. You will also be able to live and save up more money for when you are ready to buy a bigger home in the future, if that is what you desire.

     Also, keep in mind that mortgages are not as easy to get as they once were. So a lot of people are finding it is tough to get qualified for loans for normal houses. Or if you have had a rocky financial past, this allows you time to repair your credit report before going to the bank to ask for a traditional home loan. Doing this will ensure you can actually get approved when the time is right. Tiny houses can be found for sale at prices so small you may be able to avoid having to qualify for a bank loan. And even if this is not the case you might be able to make a big enough down payment to minimize the amount of cash you would need to borrow, which would increase your chances of getting approved.

     Think of the money you would save on monthly costs such as heating, cooling and electric. All of this makes sense in today’s market and you can find these homes in the city, in suburban areas, and in rural areas as well. You can have a tiny home that is completely self sufficient too. This means you may spend a little more up front for your home but you will have virtually no monthly expenses to run your home. Tiny homes are not for everyone, but for many across the nation it is a perfect choice. For those people, tiny homes are not only a perfect solution but one of the wisest investments into your future and smartest financial decisions you can make. If you are ready to make that wise decision, contact American Tiny House today and let us help you take the next step.

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