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We are an American Tiny House located in the beautiful Pacific Northwest across the iconic ferry from Seattle, Washington and also the sunny, piney woods, of Marshall, Texas. We are an accomplished team of craftsmen as well as close knit friends who have designed, built, remodeled and worked together for many years. Our passion is to design and construct the ultimate tiny homes and cabins which combine sustainable housing, highest energy efficiency, exceptional durability, low maintenance, easy of operation, extreme comfort as well as an attractive eye catching detailed appearance with maintaining a sound ecological footprint. A company is only as good as its people – and American Tiny House employs some of the most skilled, dedicated professionals in the industry. Here are the team members who have helped make and American Tiny House the highly recommended, respected company it is today.


Andy Pleban

Andy – My involvement in cabinetry and building goes way back to my childhood days. Designing and building cabinets, tables, and night stands in my dads shop. My dad taught me how to use hand tools and power tools at a very young age and my imagination went from there.

My love for carpentry stayed with me and transformed into my later years to where my passion evolved into home remodeling and all phases of home construction. From there I went to creating floor plans, designing kitchen and baths well as building them. I’ve always had an interest in small home living. Looking back I think it was the uniqueness of managing and living in small spaces.

When the recent tiny house movement came into existence it really piqued my interest and inspired me to develop ideas and lead me to designing my own tiny houses. Next I got together with my partners in our construction company and in a short time I had their complete interest in building tiny houses. So we decided to end one company to form another. And that new company is American Tiny House.


Karl Melseth

Karl – I grew up on a farm on the Olympic peninsula in Washington state learning to work with my hands. My first building project was a fort that I built from reclaimed material that I found around the farm, aka anything I could get my hands on. From then on I was always putting something together.

When I was old enough I started work for a place that did consumer reports on RV’s. I gained experience repairing RVs and investigating functionality along with trouble shooting malfunctions in the RV world. After that I went to work building new homes from start to finish and doing remodels learning how to build correctly and seeing the mistakes that cause homes to have problems.

Over the years I have spent a lot of time with our local Search & Rescue group in the woods and in places off the beaten path. In doing this I found that a lot of things can be done in an alternate way to achieve the desired result. I discovered the vast array of ways that life changes when my wife and I had our son. I am sure that the scraps from your tiny house will end up as a fort. And a new building project begins. Now I get to work with the people I am proud to have as family and build something for you.


Steve Bisset

Steve brings to the table over 30 years of construction experience – from design to finish product. He has been a general contractor, construction manager, designer, and has been involved in all phases of the construction process.

For the last 6 years he has owned a finance company, finding a niche market in the area of helping people get out of debt. He and his company specialize in creative mortgages – like Equity Mortgage Programs, which PAY YOU for the equity in your home – and unique interest leveraging that help you pay off your debts in as little as ½ to 1/3 the time… without any change to your monthly budget.

His main job at American Tiny House is to help find the best financial solution available for each individual client and make the purchase of property and your new home an easy and exciting transaction.


If you have ever thought about living in a smaller home that would be unconventionally smaller than what you can find on the market right now, then we are the tiny house builders who you need to help you turn this thought into reality. There are any number of reasons why someone might decide to have a small house created from the ground up.

You have some people who do not wish to stay stuck in one area, but these people do not want to own a RV or anything like that. A tiny house can be made in such a way that it can be placed onto a trailer and transported anywhere in the country. This is going to provide a sense of freedom for the people who want it. We are custom tiny home builders. We will work with you to make you a house that will not only be small, but will be unique in a number of ways.

Everything from the design to the look inside the home is going to be unique. The colors are going to look a certain way, the doors, the kitchen, the bathroom, everything. You might be thinking that we are not able to make a home that can be used as a stand alone living place. The reality is that we can. The house we make for you would be equipped with all of the amenities that are needed in order for you to live in it full time and make it your primary home.

These types of homes are not only used as a primary living space; they could be used as an office or a studio. Whatever purpose you needed it for, you could use it for. You might decide to use it as a guest house for someone else to stay in when they come to visit you they do not have to stay in the main house. The options are endless when it comes to having a tiny house built for you by professionals who know how to put together the right plan and execute that plan to perfection.

We are tiny house builders who have been in the home construction industry for over 75 combined years.

If you want a tiny house, we are builders who specialize in it. Do not be afraid to call on us for help.

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